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What is circular polarization?

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The polarization in which E field radiates energy in both the horizontal plane and vertical plane and in all the planes in between is known as circular polarization. In this…

What are the advantages or benefits of circular polarization?

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No polarization adjustment is required as it is fixed using OMT (Orthomode Transducer). There is less chance of cross polarization interference thereby minimizes interference. Provides higher probability of a successful…
printed circuit board

How to monitor LEDs in a custom test fixture

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Monitoring LEDsDoes your DUT/UUT have an LED indicator that needs to monitoring during testing, or to notify the operator of some component? You may need an LED fixture. How can…

Why a custom test fixture?

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Custom Test FixturesWe’re having false failures, and need a test fixture. Is your team rejecting a record number of boards that may not be actual failures? There are several reasons…
test fixture for PCB in manufacturing

Testing PCBs in Manufacturing

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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are an integral part of many electronic devices, as they provide the physical support and electrical connections for components such as processors, memory, and sensors. In…
TC5530B mmWave RF Shield Box TESCOM Front Open View

What is a Faraday Cage or Shield Box?

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RF Shielding CTS provides superior RF Shielding components, but what is an RF shield box and why do you need one?An RF (radio frequency) shield box is a shielded enclosure…

RF Absorber

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Why is it important to use high quality RF absorber inside a Faraday cage or RF Shield Box? RF/microwave absorber materials are often added to circuits and RF Shield Box…
OTA Testing Image

What is Over The Air (OTA) Testing?

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What is Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing? Over-The-Air, OTA Testing is a method to test the wireless performance and reliability of wireless devices that include embedded antennas. The performance of the antennas…
V2X, V2V, V2P wireless testing

V2X Testing (Vehicle to Everything Wireless)

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V2X (Vehicle to Everything) Testing Your vehicles are getting smarter, it's time your testing gets smarter tooV2X testing refers to the testing and validation of communication technologies that enable vehicles…

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