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Our Custom RF Shield Box Services

CTS excels in designing customized RF Shield Boxes and Chambers that precisely align with your technical requirements. If you’ve struggled to find an off-the-shelf RF Chamber or RF Shield Box that perfectly matches your testing prerequisites, your search ends here. We possess the expertise to not only conceive and design an ideal solution tailored to your unique needs but also to fabricate a custom RF Shield Box based on your precise design specifications.

Our portfolio offers a diverse range of custom RF Shield Boxes, ranging from straightforward custom RF Chambers to sophisticated Anechoic Chambers. What truly sets us apart is not just our ability to design and manufacture custom RF Chambers, but our exceptional understanding of our customers’ needs and our aptitude for translating those needs into the perfect design. Our engineers are seasoned veterans that have years of experience working in the RF industry as test engineers so know the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Whether your requirements revolve around a custom shield box or a custom test fixture, we’re fully equipped to deliver the optimal testing solution, all while adhering to your specified timeline and budget constraints.

One of our strengths that standout, lies in our rapid turnaround time and adaptability, which has established a new industry benchmark for cost-effective solutions. From the initial concept to the final product delivery, we’ve streamlined the process to expedite your market entry. Whether you need a single custom shield box, a test fixture, or a batch of fifty, we have the capability to effectively meet your requirements. To request a quote, simply complete our form.

Your success remains our utmost priority, as your achievements are intrinsically tied to our own success.

Other Services

Don’t need a custom shield box? We can provide ESD fixturing for your current setup, or just consult on your RF testing needs for a custom solution.

If you have a need that goes beyond our off-the-shelf shielded enclosures or shield boxes, we can design and build one to meet your needs.

We started by specializing in custom test fixtures for wireless product testing and over the years we’ve listened to our customer’s needs and have expanded into providing custom solutions of RF enclosures, test fixtures and integrating the two as well.

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