TC-5977D Large RF Shield Box

TC5977D RF Shield Box

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for use in testing large devices.
  • Reliable High RF Shielding up to 7.2GHz(up to 12GHz for TC-5977DU version)
  • Easy Opening/Closing of Door
  • EMI Filters on all data and power ports
  • Customizable Data, Power and RF connections
  • Proprietary Absorber Installed for stable and consistent repeatable measurements.
  • Optional Cooling Fan Available

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TC5977D/DU RF Shield Box

The TC5977D RF Shield Box provides both high RF isolation up to 7.2GHz and large room for testing medium to large size wireless devices. The  RF Shield Box is an ideal test platform for Engineering, Manufacturing, or service due to it’s ergonomic design, size and easy mobility.  The TESCOM RF shield box is rugged and designed for longevity. The RF Shield Box will grow with your testing requirements as they change. The connectors and I/O plates are easily field replaceable minimizing down time. No wasting of time or expense of shipping your shield box back to the manufacturer and waiting for it to get modified delaying your project.  If  cannot find the suitable filtered connector from the large selection of available  filtered connectors, just ask us.

You may also be interest in the following large RF Shield Boxes as well;  TC-5970D, TC-5972D RF Shield Boxes.

If you need coverage for testing higher frequency devices, the TC5977DU provides high isolation up to 12GHz.

Compliment this with our off-the-shelf universal grid fixture and antenna couplers or ask about our custom fixtures. We can integrate a custom or off-the-shelf fixture with our antenna couplers to provide you a totally integrated test solution.

Why the TC-5977D/DU RF Shield box is ideal?

  • High RF Isolation up to 6GHz(D Version) and 12GHz(DU Version)
  • Rugged to last the test of your repeated high usage.
  • Casters allowing easy mobility
  • Ergonomic one handed operation with easy latching door
  • Cost Savings, Through Design allowing you to make I/O changes easily and quickly reducing down time and changing with your testing needs
  • Large Size to handle most all your DUTs
  • Proprietary Multilayer RF Absorber Installed for testing consistency and repeatability

Replaces TC-5977A The TC-5977D is the new version.


Additional information

Weight 81 kg
Dimensions 30 × 31.5 × 25.35 in




Internal Height

25in and greater

Internal Depth

20in and greater

Internal Width

18in and greater


RF Shield Box TC-5977D/DU Specifications

  • RF Shield Effectiveness: >70dB
  • Inner Dimension 802W) x 762(D) x 644H) mm
  • Outer Dimension 916(W) x 940(D) x 856(H)mm
  • Door: 588(W) x 588(H)mm
  • Weight: Approximately 81Kg, packaged 101Kg

Typical RF Shielding

Typical RF Shielding

The shielding effectiveness below is measured when the blank panel is mounted; other I/O interface panel results a different shielding effectiveness of the shield box.

Frequency Shielding effectiveness (dB)
100 to 2000 MHz > 70 dB
2000 to 3000 MHz > 60 dB
3000 to 6000 MHz > 70 5B

Custom Configurations

Customized I/O Interface panels are available. Please contact the CTS sales team for more information

  • Each shielding effectiveness is measured when each I/O interface panel, which is shown above, is mounted.
  • Above data was measured by Tescom, The Shielding Effectiveness might be different based on the measuring method and condition.
  • This data has been measured under the condition that the cables are not connected to each filters. When the cables are connected it can affect the shielding performance.