TC-5930ARU Shield Box

The TC-5930ARU Shield Box stands out as a highly reliable RF shielding solution designed for testing small to medium-sized devices. Its rack-mountable dimensions, especially in the case of the TC-5930ARU, make it a favored choice for production line or burn-in testing of cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Featuring a modular input-output design, this system is versatile and well-suited for various testing applications.

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TC-5930ARU Shield Box Key Features

  • Now Reliable high RF shielding from 0.1 GHz to 12 GHz
  • Easy open/close
  • RF Absorber Lined Interior Walls for stable measurement results
  • EMI filters on all data lines
  • Customizable I/O interface panels
    • Easy Field Maintenance or Changes Possible

The TC-5930ARU Shield Box is the most adaptable, customizable and rugged shield box available on the market. This dual shield box configuration fits nicely into it’s own rack which is mountable within a standard 19inch rack.  The TC-5930ARU Shield Box is ideal for burn-in testing with available optional fans for cooling to keep your DUTs within operable temperatures. The customizable IO panels makes changing IO configurations quick and easy allowing your test configuration to evolve as your testing requirements change.

The TC-5930AR/RU is sold individually or as a rack mountable pair so if you only need one shield box to place it on your desk or a bench, that’s doable. The faraday cage is portable and modular to make it very mobile and takes up a very small footprint. The highly desirable large field replaceable IO plate makes it easy to make any connector changes as needed.

You can perform OTA(Over-The-Air) testing of your DUT by integrating one of our standard grid test fixtures with an antenna coupler or we can design a custom test fixture based on your DUT testing requirements. Just ask us about our test fixture design services.

TC-5930ARU Rack Mount Set:

TC-5930ARU [2EA] + 19’’ Rack Mounting Bracket


TC-5030AU Dimensions
INSIDE 170 (W) x 320 (D) x 238 (H) mm



218 (W) x 398 (D) x 282 (H) mm
161 (W) x 236 (H) mm9KG

Size 370 (W) x 510 (D) x 400 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 11 kg


TC-5930ARU (19” Rack Mount Set) Dimensions
INSIDE 170 (W) x 320 (D) x 238 (H) mm
OUTSIDE 483 (w) x 486 (D) x 310 (H) mm
161 (W) x 236 (H) mm




Size 640 (W) x 690 (D) x 440 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 31 kg
* The size or weight of a package may vary depending on how the product is packed.


Typical RF Shielding

Frequency Range Shielding effectiveness (dB)
0.1GHz to 3 GHz > 70 dB
3 GHz to 6 GHz > 60 dB
6 GHz to 12 GHz > 60 dB