TC-93039A Antenna Coupler

TC-93039A Antenna Coupler – 600MHz to 7500MHz

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TC-93039A Antenna Coupler

  • Frequency Range 600 – 7500 MHz
  • RF Connector SMA (f)
  • Dimension 50 (W) x 30 (D) x 8.3 (H) mm, RF Connector excluded
    Weight 20 g
  • Terminal Open (* Eliminate 50 Ω Termination to improve Path loss)

The TC-93039A is an Antenna Coupler, used for testing up to 7.5GHz with a frequency range of 600MHz ~ 7.5GHz. The TC-93039A Antenna Coupler is best suited for testing in faraday cages in order to obtain repeatability and minimizing multipath conditions in the near field.  The antenna coupler minimizes possible multipath conditions within the shield box by offering a very directional inductive coupled signal to the DUT. Pair the coupler with a grid fixture and shield box.

Utilizing test jigs and test fixtures minimizes false failures due to operator placement errors. It can give you some control over your testing and save valuable time, which translate to cost savings. We all know time is money and if you can save time of testing or troubleshooting false failure, that can be a huge cost savings over time.

Obtain reliable and consistent repeatability in your testing by incorporating the use of one of our standard off-the-shelf universal fixtures or ask us about a custom test fixture. We can design and manufacture a custom test fixture to meet your testing needs to meet your budget and schedule. We have the fastest turn-around time from design to delivery in the industry at the most competitive prices.