TC-5970DU Shield Box

TC-5970DU Shield Box is a shielding solution designed to excel in the 0.1 GHz to 12 GHz frequency range, making it a versatile choice for testing a wide array of wireless communication technologies. Its customizable panels cater to both traditional technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee, as well as cutting-edge ones such as 5G, UWB, and Wi-Fi 6E. With dependable high RF shielding, this box is crafted for laptop-sized devices, offering easy opening/closing mechanisms for convenient access during testing. Equipped with EMI filters on all data ports and power lines, the TC-5970DU features a high-performance absorber for top-notch radiation testing, ensuring thorough evaluations of electronic products. Elevate your testing capabilities with the TC-5970DU for reliable and efficient results.

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TC-5970DU Shield Box Features

  • Reliable RF shielding from 0.1 GHz to 12 GHz
  • Specifically designed for laptop size devices
  • Easy open/close
  • EMI filters on all data ports and power lines
  • Three Customizable I/O interface panels
  • Side cooling fans (optional)

The TC-5970DU Shield Box offers high RF isolation and spaciousness for testing medium to large wireless devices. It’s an ideal platform for Engineering, Manufacturing, or service, boasting ergonomic design for comfort. Designed for durability, it evolves with changing testing needs. Customizable I/O plates and internal fixtures adapt to your Device Under Test (DUT). Our proprietary multilayer RF absorber ensures reliable results.

As an upgraded version of the TC-5970D, the TC-5970DU features enhanced RF absorber and improved RF isolation up to 12GHz for OTA testing, now accommodating UWB products. Pair with Spiral Antennas and universal grid test fixtures for better repeatability. Designed for future needs, maintenance ease, and durability, it’s a reliable choice amid technological changes.

If this doesn’t fit your needs, we can customize an RF shield box to suit your requirements and budget. Just share your vision with us for your ideal RF chamber.

Don’t stop here, ask us to make a custom test fixture and we’ll integrate into the shield box.



Shield Box TC-5970DU Specifications.

Basic RF Connector Six(6) N(f) outside and SMA(f) inside



544(W) x 546(D) x 425(H) mm, 201(D) mm Top side


662(W) x 703(D) x 537(H) mm, lid closed, 810(H) mm, lid open
Weight Approx. 38kg
Packing Size                  870(W) x 850(D) x 720(H) mm

Weight            Approx. 38kg.

The size or weight of a package may vary depending on how the product is packed.

Typical RF Shielding

Typical RF Shielding

The shielding effectiveness below is measured when the blank panel is mounted; other I/O interface panel results a different shielding effectiveness of the shield box.

Frequency Shielding effectiveness (dB)
0.5 GHz to 3 GHz > 70 dB
3 GHz to 6 GHz > 70 dB
6 GHz to 12 GHz > 60 dB