TC-93060A USED Antenna Coupler

The TC-93060A is an Antenna Coupler most commonly used for resting up to 5.8 Ghz.

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TC93060A Used Antenna Coupler Specifications:

  • Left Handed Circular Polarization
  • Frequency Range : 800-6GHz
  • Path Loss: 7~18dB (> or = 5cm)
  • VSWR : better than 1:2:2 (Typ 1.8)
  • RF Connector : SMA(m) on the side
  • Dimesions: 106(W)×130(D)×15.6(H)mm

The TC93060A is an Antenna Coupler most commonly used for testing up to 5.8 GHz.  The Antenna Coupler uses LHCP which is ideal for radiated testing of wireless devices. This unique antenna coupler offers the benefit of one of the smaller standard inductive couplers but the advantage of being able to place this coupler separated at a greater distance from the DUT antenna, allowing you to test the entire wireless device assembly including the antenna.  Install the Antenna Coupler using a mounting fixture and attach it to the ceiling of the TC-5972D or TC-5970D shield box for testing your wireless device.

RHCP antennas are known in full as Right Hand Circular Polarized antennas. LHCP antennas are known in full as Left Hand Circular Polarized antennas. Sometimes, they are both known simply as Circular Polarized (CP) antennas. Due to its polarized nature, this type of antenna will reduce any radio interference by a process known as multipathing. This blocks out unwanted radio signals and can give a much cleaner signal, making it especially useful in performing radiated testing within a RF Shield Box or better known as a faraday cage.