TC-5922BPU Pneumatic Shield Box

TC-5922BPU Pneumatic Shield Box offers high RF shielding capable of shielding up to 12 GHz for small to medium-sized wireless devices. Unlike other shield boxes, this device’s pneumatic lid features a unique operating mechanism that opens and closes in an up and down motion. In addition to shielding traditional 2.5 GHz technologies like WIFI, Zigbee, and Bluetooth, this shield box supports a range of up to 12 GHz to enable testing on forward-looking technologies such as 5G, UWB, and WIFI 6E
variants. The rectangular shape of TC-5922BPU is a popular option for those looking to test cell phones, tablets, and laptops with a modular input-output design allowing for easy customization, along with simple to read pass-fail indicators. The box can be operated remotely via remote control, while additional features like the dual pressure control lid and sensor ensure enhanced user safety.

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TC-5922BPU Pneumatic Shield Box Key Features 

  • Reliable high RF shielding from 0.1 GHz to 12 GHz
  • Pneumatic control of lid open/close and optional test fixture
  • EMI filters on all data ports and power lines
  • Easily Field Customizable IO Plate as requirements change.
  • Red and green LEDs for PASS/FAIL indication
  • Remote operation by RS-232C / Ethernet

The new improved TC-5922BP is now here, the Tescom TC-5922BPU Pneumatic Shield Box easily fits on a desktop or benchtop taking up minimal space but large enough for small to medium size devices.  This is the same quality pneumatic RF shield box that has been such as huge hit with our customers but now, with shielding up to 12GHz. Its compact design makes it very mobile and uses minimal factory space, as well as ease of maintenance. The TC5922BP Pneumatic Shield Box rear I/O plate is custom configurable and field replaceable as your testing requirements change. So there is no downtime sending your RF Shield Box back to make I/O plate changes.  The pneumatic faraday cage can be controlled remotely via RS232 interface and has built-in pneumatics to allow integration of a pneumatically controlled test fixture or jig.  We all know time is critical in testing to get your products from design to production then to the market, so whatever time you can save gives you an advantage.


Mechanical Specifications

Standard RF Connector Two (2), N(f) outside and SMA(f) inside
Line Voltage 24 VDC, Max. 2 A
Power Consumption Max 1.5 W
Remote Control Ethernet, RS-232C, 3 wire DB9(s)
Air Connections
Main Connector 6 mm OD hose, one-touch push-on fitting
Fixture Control Connector 6 mm OD hose, one-touch push-on fitting
Input Air Pressure 5 to 10 bar


Inside 296(W) x 435(D) x 238(H) mm
Outside 420(W) x 601(D) x 336(H) mm, lid closed. 626 mm lid open.
Weight Approx. 27 k

Typical RF Shielding

TC-5922BPU RF Specifications

The shielding effectiveness is measured with blank panels mounted; other I/O interface panel may result in different shielding effectiveness.

Frequency Shielding effectiveness (dB)
0.1 GHz to 3 GHz > 70 dB
3 GHz to 6 GHz > 60 dB
6 GHz to 12 GHz > 60 dB