TC-5510A RF Shield Box mmWave Ultra 5G

The mmWave TC-5510A RF Shield Box provides both high RF isolation and room for testing small to medium size Ultra 5G mmWave wireless devices. The new TC-5510A RF Shield Box is a must if you are doing Ultra 5G testing. The TC-5510A is an ideal test platform for Engineering, Manufacturing, or Repair mmWave services due to it’s ergonomic and portable design, you can take it anywhere. Providing a reliable high isolation for repeatability in testing anywhere your testing may take you.

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TC-5510A RF Shield Box Key Features

  • Designed specifically for Millimeter Wave Testing
  • Reliable High RF Shielding from .1GHz to 67GHz
  • EMI Filters on all Data and Power ports
  • Customizable Data and RF connections Available
  • Proprietary Absorber Installed for stable repeatable measurements.

Select the ideal antenna for your mmWave Testing challenge to make the TC-5510A RF Shield Box the ideal portable test solution.

As more people work from home or work in the field, a more portable version of the TC-5530B mmWave RF Shield Box was mandated so the TC-5510A RF Shield Box came into being.  With it’s comfortable ergonomic handle and small size makes it very portable and easily transported. It’s small enough to place on your table top, desktop or bench or where ever your testing may take you. Although this mmWave RF Shield Box is small, it provides high RF isolation and uses our patented premium multilayer RF absorber to allow repeatable test results and minimize false failures due to multipath due to reflections, especially when paired with one of our DPVA or Horn Antennas.

If you’re looking for the most portable, the most adaptable faraday cage with exceptional RF isolation, this is it. You can rely on the RF isolation performance on the go or at your desk for your OTA(Over-The-Air) testing of wireless device, including mmwave.


Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 6.7 × 9.4 in

Manual, mmWave

Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width





mmWave RF Shield Box TC-5510A Specifications

  • RF Shield Effectiveness:
    • 0.1 GHz to 30 GHz: >60dB
    • 30 GHz to 67 GHz: >60dB
  • Inner Dimension 170(W) x 312(D) x 240H) mm
  • Outer Dimension 217(W) x 396(D) x 282(H)mm
  • Door: 163(W) x 238(H)mm
  • Weight: Approx 9Kg

Typical RF Shielding

Typical RF Shielding

Frequency Range 0.1 GHz to 67 GHz
Shielding Effectiveness*(Typical.)

0.1 GHz to 30 GHz  >  60 dB
30 GHz to 67 GHz  >  60 dB

* The shielding effectiveness is measured with blank panels installed; other I/O interface panel configurations may result
in different shielding effectiveness.