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CTS Corp. specializes in providing custom test fixtures and custom shielded enclosure for low and high volume testing.

We provide custom test fixtures from PCB level prototype testing to full scale final assembly testing. Not only do we design and manufacture custom test fixtures, we specialize in integrating them into RF shielded enclosures for testing wireless products. Whether it’s a manually operated test fixture or a fully automated test fixture we can provide you the right test fixture solution to meet your schedule and budget.

Board Level Test Fixtures
Our Board Level Test Fixtures, such as the Bed-of-Nails for your PCB level testing for lab or manufacturing. Learn More »

Final Assembly Test Fixture
Our Final Assembly Level Test Fixtures are designed for ease of maintenance ideal for manufacturing. Whether you need a manual test fixture or a fully automated test fixture, we can provide you the right test solution to meet your testing needs. Learn More »

Custom Shield Box Design and Manufacturing Services

If you have a need that goes beyond our off-the-shelf shielded enclosures or shield boxes, we can design and build one to meet your needs.

We started by specializing in custom test fixtures for wireless product testing and over the years we’ve listened to our customer’s needs and have expanded into providing custom solutions of RF enclosures, test fixtures and integrating the two as well.

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We have the fastest turn-around time in the industry from concept to design to delivery so you can get to market faster. Whether you need only one fixture or fifty fixtures, we can support your need. To request a quote, please fill out the form. For additional information, visit our Custom Test Fixtures website.

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