F59155A Universal Grid Fixture

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The F59155A Universal grid fixture allows installation of all the smaller TESCOM antenna couplers to perform testing from 100MHz to 6GHz so frequency coverage to perform most all your testing possible.  If the off-the-shelf F59155A Universal grid fixture is not sufficient for your needs and you need something a bit more custom to fit your testing needs, CTS can design and manufacture a custom test fixtures  for PCB or final assembly based on your specific requirements to fit your budget and timeline.  If you need more information on a custom fixture, please contact your sales representative. The grid fixture integrated into a TC5916 RF Shield Box with antenna coupler, like the TC93026A can be an excellent tool in providing OTA test repeatability.

Over-the-Air (OTA) testing proves the performance and reliability of wireless devices and their antennas and other components. Measurements like Total Radiated Power (TRP) performed in the product’s application field validate its compliance with specified standards whether it’s your own internal design standards or some regulatory agency. OTA testing gives wireless device manufacturers, repair centers and distributors the assurance that their products not only meet performance and regulatory requirements but also are ready to be sold on the market.