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Custom Board Level Test FixturesBoard Level Test Fixtures

CTS  specializes in providing custom board level test fixtures or complete assembly test fixtures for low and high volume testing. We provide custom board level test fixtures from PCB level prototype testing to full scale final assembly testing. Allow us the opportunity to provide you with exceptional service and quality custom board level test fixture to meet your schedule and budget targets.

Our Board Level Test Fixtures, such as the Bed-Of-nails for your PCB level testing for lab or manufacturing.  Get a standalone manual type mechanical test jig or integrate the test fixture into an enclosure or RF Shield Box and fully automate the fixture operation.

Whether you are needing a simple manual bed-of-nails board level test fixture or fully automated bed-of-nails PCB level test fixture, we have the right solution for you. For more information you can fill out the form below and we get back to you with 1 business day or less or you can call us at 817-503-8862 and select the sales option.

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Key Benefits

Why a custom test fixture from CTS?

  • Testing Repeatability
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Minimize Operator Error to improve yield efficiency
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Anything you need tested!

  • Fully automatic Test Fixtures
  • LED analyzer integration
  • Complicated button pneumatics
  • DUT rotation
  • Multi-stage DUT testing
  • Optimized design to account for product variations with different inputs, in one fixture
  • Easily serviceable fixtures
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Required Items

Info we need

  • Testing Requirements
  • DUT Sample
  • Gerber Files of DUT
  • Any Customer Specific Items

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