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Concentric Technology Solutions is your one stop source for RF Shield Boxes, RF Enclosures, Bluetooth Testers, WiMax Testers, RFID Tester and RF Power Amplifiers. CTS is your answer to your testing needs for off-the-shelf  RF Shield Box, RF Enclosure, Bluetooth Tester, RFID Tester or RF Power Amplifiers when you need maximum RF shielding and testing features with a solid RF Shield Box or RF Enclosure to produce repeatable results.

CTS can provide a customized integrated RF Shield Box, RF Enclosure or RF Shielding Tent Test Solutions for manual or automatic testing at an off-the-shelf solution price. Many companies make RF Shield boxes, RF Enclosures or Custom Test fixtures but only CTS bridges the gap by providing a complete integrated RF Shield Box or RF Enclosure testing solution for providing the RF shielding needed for repeatability within your budget and schedule at a one stop shop.

Do you need a RF Enclosure to isolate your product for wireless testing? We have it!

Are you looking for a large RF shield box but no standard size available to fit your requirements? We have a shielding tent that can be custom made to your size specification at a fraction of the cost and lead time of a custom RF shield box.

Do you need a custom test fixture? We design it and build it!

Do you need a Bluetooth Tester, RFID Tester, or WiMax Tester?  We have it!

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Find complete information, data sheets, request a quote on all our products here.  Or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just submit a request for more information.
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RF Amplifier Product Selection Guide
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