TC-5060B USED Broadband TEM Cell

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These USED TEM Cells are available in limited quantity and are based on first serve basis.

The TEM Cell is a broadband radiation test cell that provides both high RF isolation and predictable RF coupling. The small foot print allows for desk or bench top use, offering an ideal radiation test platform for small RF devices, such as RFID, Bluetooth and Cell phone devices.

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Model Number TC-5060B-USED
Size: 4.7in x 8.8in x 4.5in (LxWxH)
  • Key Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Standard Configuration
  • High RF Shield, >80dB
  • Pneumatic Control for manual or semi-automatic operation
  • EMI Filters on all data and DC lines
  • RS-232C open-close control
  • Customization to meet various data and RF connector requirements
  • Customized fixtures that are easily and quickly swappable
  • RF Shield Effectiveness: >70dB, DC ~ 2.5GHz
  • RF Connectors: 1 Type-N Female for Septum Input
  • Auxilliary RF Connector: 1 Type SMA Female Inside and Outside
  • Field Replaceable Data I/O Module: DB25 Standard or Optional DB9, or USB 2.0
  • Inner Dimension: 140(W) x 244(L) x 119(H) mm
  • Outer Dimension: 205(W) x 418(L) x 152.5(H) mm
  • Weight without accessories: 3.5 kg
  • Supplied Accessories: Type-N RF Cables, 1 DB9 or 1 DB25 Data Cable
***Isolation example above is based on I/O configuration as specified above. Isolation may be higher or lower based on specific I/O configuration installed.
  •  N-Type(Female) RF Connector - Located at the top of the TEM cell. This is the Septum input.
  • SMA(Female) RF Connector - Located on the bottom right side of the TEM cell. This is usually terminated with the supplied 50 Ohm termination. Many customers use it to monitor the field strength of the input power to the TEM cell.
  • Side Data I/O Module - Standard I/O is DB25, 1000pF filtered connector.(This standard I/O is replaceable with one of the following: DB25, 100pF; DB9, 1000pF or 100pF; or USB 2.0.  Each DSUB pin on the connector is rated for 100VDC @3A. The side I/O module is very easily replaceable in the field since it uses 4 screws for mounting.)
Dimensions 4.7 x 8.8 x 4.5 in
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