MTP-200B WLAN/BT LE Tester

Tescom’s MTP200B is a non-signaling test-based WLAN or BT LE (Low Energy) tester. As one-body equipment incorporating both Signal Generator and Signal Analyzer, MTB200B is designed to provide effective and stable performance for generating and analyzing WLN and BT LE waveforms. It can be effectively used in mass production for testing the RF performance of products with WLAN and BT LE functions such as smartphones. In addition, the best efficiency can be expected at a lower cost thanks to the simple installation and operation of the product.

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Model Number MTB-200B

MTP-200B WLAN/BT LE Specifications


  • Frequency Range: (1) 2400 ~ 2500 MHz  (2) 4900 ~ 5875 MHz
  • Frequency Accuracy: < ±1.0 ppm/year @ operating temperature
  • Frequency Resolution: 1.0 kHz
  • Output Power Range: -5.0 dBm ~ =70.0 dBm
  • Output Power Accuracy: < ±1.0 dB
  • Output Power ResolutionL .01 dB
  • VSWR: <1.4
  • Harmonics: Out-of-band: < -40.0 dB; In-band: <-50.0 dB (100 kHz resolution BW)
  • Phase Noise: <-1.0 degrees (2.4 GHz < f < 2.5 GHz); < 1.5 degrees (4.9 GHz < f < 6 GHz)



  • Product Information
  • Key Features
  • Specifications
  • Support I-Q output port
  • Built-in 512Mbyte Flash memory to store Video or Audio stream data(up to 1072Kbps)
  • Transmit fixed patterns for BER measurement
  • Built-in Audio Analyzer (SINAD, Distortion, Frequency, Level)
  • Audio discontinuation test function for measuring digital audio quality
  • FM modulation signal generator
  • Support Reconfiguration, Announcement, TII
  • ETI function support
  • Easily upgradeable by use of flash memory
  • High speed external data port to support external Audio or Video up to 600Kbps
  • User definable screen
  • GPIB and RS232C Remote Control port
  • CE certification: EN 61010-1:2001, EN 61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001+A3:2003, EN 61000-3-2:2000, EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1:2001

MTP-200B WLAN/BT LE Key Features

  • WLAN Test SystemMTP200B's WLAN Test System provides both Analyzer (ANL) mode and Generator (GEN) mode; WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/g/n standard is supported.
  • WLAN Analyzer
  • For signals transmitted by WLAN devices, measurements of RMS EVM, Power, Frequency Error, and Clock Error can be made through MTP200B's Signal Analyzer, the result of the measurements can be readily checked through the built-in LCD without separate connection to PC.
  • WLAN GeneratorMTP200B's Signal Generator can transmit a user-defined WLAN signal to DUT so that the DUT can check its reception performance by checking whether the transmitted signal by MTP200B is successfully received. MTP200B can store up to 40 different user-defined WLAN signals, and the stored information can be readily checked through UI.
  • Tescom Waveform CreatorUsing tescom Waveform Creator, user can create various WLAN test files by directly editing the parameters related to WLAN 802.11 a/g/n protocol. In addition, the created WLAN test file can be easily downloaded to the equipment.
  • BT LE Test SystemMTB200B's BT LE Test system provides a non-signaling-based test for BT LE test cases defined by BT LE test standards. In addition, since advertising test mode is supported, it is possible to check the simple RF characteristics of BT LE devices in finished product condition with no separate test mode.BT LE Direct test is also available in MTP200B by using a remove control program. MTP200B can be simply applied to mass production because the remote control program not only supports the automatic batch measurements for RF test case but also provides pass/fail judgement for the measurement results.
  • BT LE AnalyzerWith MTP200B's BT LE Signal Analyzer, Output power, Modulation characteristics, Carrier frequency offset and drift as defined in the BT LE Transmitter Test Case can be measured by analyzing the signals transmitted by a BT LE devices. Additionally, a function with which Power, Modulation and Initial carrier frequency offset can be simultaneously tested is provided in advertising mode, making it possible to determine easily whether or not the RF performance of a device can meet the test standard.
    • BT LE Transmitter Test (TRM-LE) can be measured with MTP200B
    • Output power (TRM-LE/CA/01/C)
    • Modulation characteristics (TRM-LE/CA/05/C)
    • Carrier frequency offset and drift (TRM-LE/CA/06/C)
    • Output power + Modulation characteristics + Initial carrier frequency tolerance (at Advertising test mode)
  • BT LE GeneratorMTP200B's Signal Generator can create and transmit BT LE signal defined in BT LE test standard to DUT so that the DUT can check its reception performance by checking whether the transmitted signal by MTP200B is successfully received.
    • BT LE Receiver Tests (RCV-LE) that can be measured with MTP200B
    • Receiver sensitivity (RCV-LE/CA/01/C)
    • Maximum input signal level (RCV-LE/CA/06/C)
  • Remote Control InterfaceWith MTP200B's built-in USB to Serial interface. it is possible to control equipment remotely using a USB port in a PC. MTP200B also supports the GPIB interface for remote control. Using a the remote commands that provided with the equipment, all functions of the equipment can be operated and user can make an automation program for mass production.
  • WLAN & BT LE Remote Control ProgramThe measurement can be done more conveniently and easily if a WLAN/BT LE remote control program is used.
    • Carry out automatic measurement of Bluetooth LE RF Test Cases all at once.
    • Chip Vendors test Control Software included
    • Easy to change measurement criteria and conditions.
    • Display test results and save test results as an Excel file
  • Firmware UpgradeFor MTP200B, firmware upgrade can be done quickly and easily through PC using a simple upgrade program.
  • Provide a total solution necessary for production linesTescom can provide a total solution for production that ranges from the shield box designed for electromagnetic wave shielding, TEM CELL for wireless test and antenna couples to measurement software programs for production automation to help solving the difficulties involving measurement systems that are complicated and difficult to operate.
  • Range: BAND Ⅱ, Ⅱ, L (87.5MHz ~ 108MHz, 174MHz ~ 250MHz, 1452MHz ~ 1492MHz)
  • Resolution: 1Hz
  • Accuracy: ± 1ppm/year @ operating temperature
Output Level
  • Range: 0dBm ~ -120dBm
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Accuracy: ± 1dB
  • Impedance: 50ohm
VSWR: Better than 1: 1.5Modulation
  • OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex)
  • D-QPSK (Differential Quadrate Phase Shift Keying)
  • FM
Frequency Reference
  • Internal Reference & Stability: 10MHz, ± 1ppm/year @ operating temperature
  • External Reference: 10MHz (0dBm ~ +20dBm MAX)
Audio Analyzer
  • Input Impedance: High
  • Input Range: 100mVpp ~ 5Vpp
  • Test Parameters: SINAD, Distortion, Level, Frequency, Audio discontinuation
I-Q Out Port
  • Output Voltage: ± 1Vpp
DAB/DMB Protocol Testing
  • Fully supports Eureka-147
  • Most Protocol Parameters can be edited
  • Transmission modes Ⅱ, Ⅱ, Ⅱ and Ⅱ
  • Support six services with two fully editable services
  • Support 10 service components with two fully editable service components
  • Support TII (Transmitter Identification Information)
  • Support Multiplex Reconfiguration Test
  • Supports Announcement Test
  • All labels are editable (Ensemble, Service, Service Component)
  • DLS (Dynamic Label Segment) is editable
  • Built-in MPEG encoder (MPEG-1, MPEG-2) to generate Audio Signal Test Tone- Audio Frequency, Audio Bit Rate are editable- Support Stereo/Joint/Dual/Mono mode
Remote Programming Ports
  • GPIB
  • RS232C
  • Operating temperature: 5 ~ 40Ⅱ
  • Line Voltage: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimension: 375(w) x 432(d) x 183(h) mm
  • Weight: 9.5Kg
Accessories Supplied
  • 3407-0004, N(m) to BNC(f) Adaptor, 1pc.
  • 3806-0002, PC Application Program CD, 1pc.
  • 4003-0044A, USB to RS232C cable, 1m, 1pc.
  • 4006-0004, N(m) to N(m) cable, 1m, 1pc.
  • 4007-0001, BNC(m) to BNC(m), 1m, 2pcs.
  • TC-92080A, Helical Antenna, 1pc
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