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TC-5916A Manual RF Shield Box (TC-5916A)

TC-5916A, Manual RF Shield Box

If you need a slightly larger internal work space than the TC-5915A shield box, then this might be your choice. This shield box provides RF shield and signal connections necessary for testing mobile wireless devices, such as mobile cell phones or  WLAN devices. The TC-5916A RF Shield box has two RF ports and two EMI filtered data ports.  With the RF coupling accessory and filtered control ports, the TC-5916A RF Shield Box makes an ideal solution for RF testing mobiles and small RF devices on test benches for R&D, Service, and QA. This RF Shield box is ideal when you need the flexibility of a little extra room for the device being tested.

This shield box offers you a choice of easily field replaceable optional rear I/O modules to meet your product interface requirements.

TC-5916A RF Shield Box Key Benefits

  • High RF Shield Capabilities
  • Manual Operation
  • 2 RF Ports are Standard built-in to the box.
  • Easily Customizable with Optional I/O module to meet your testing needs

TC-5916A RF Shield Box Specifications 

  • RF Shield Box Effectiveness(with I/O Module M591601A Installed): >70dB, DC ~ 3.0GHz
  • RF Connectors: 2 N-Type(f) Outside and SMA(f) Inside
  • Data Connectors: DB25 and DB9, RF filtered, 100 VDC, 3A Max
  • Inner Dimension: 8.6(W) x 11(D) x 6.2(H) inches
  • Outer Dimension: 12.2(W) x 18.7(D) x 8.2(H) inches
  • Weight without accessories: 13.2 lbs

***Isolation example above is based on I/O configuration as specified above. Isolation may be higher or lower based on specific I/O configuration installed.


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TC-5916A Manual RF Shield Box

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